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A Creationist Decided to Answer My 10 Questions and the Results are Hilarious

Let me go ahead and explain what you’re about to read. 
 I wrote an article titled 10 Questions Everyone Who Believes in Science Should Ask a Creationist, which simply featured 10 questions I think people should present to creationists to see if they have a response that makes any sense.
Well, somebody I presume to be a creationist decided to answer my questions. 

 Here are the unedited results:
1) Do you understand the difference between science and faith?
Right back at you! It takes more faith to believe in evolution, and may scientists even use the term faith to describe their believe in “missing links”. The real question is “Where you there?” Did you observe the beginning of creation? I thought that was necessary for science apparently not . . . especially when science needs to take a “leap of faith!”

2) If Noah really lived for 900 years, do you realize that means he lived for nearly 1/6 of the time you claim the world has existed?
If the dinosaurs lived for billions of years as you suggest, isn’t it interesting that they existed for 1/6 of your age of the earth?  What kind of science can prove either?  It takes faith to believe both.  I see you’re still struggling with that “faith” thing!

3) If God could create the Earth in 6 days, why couldn’t he have just given Noah an ark instead of making him build one?
He could have! But He didn’t because God wanted Noah to preach the gospel for 120 years. Yes that is the kind of merciful God that we have “faith” in! The people had a chance to believe even though none did. And the evidence of a world-wide flood is staggering! And it totally destroys anyone’s ability to know the age of the earth! In other words, Carbon 14, etc. results are all wrong because of the flood!

4) If humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, why don’t we ever find their bones in the same places?
Why don’t we find animal remains and human remains together today?  Same reason!  People didn’t bury their dead where they eat!  Your questions are getting more and more ridiculous! Did you give this any thought at all?

5) About 97% of scientists (if not more) follow every rule written in science books. Exactly 0% of creationists follow every rule that’s written in the Bible. If you so wholeheartedly believe the Bible gives a word for word account of how old the Earth is, why don’t you follow every other rule that’s inside?

First of all, your 97% is totally wrong. It is almost 50% of scientists that believe in a Designer of Creation!  You ignorance of the Bible is also telling.  Much of the direction in the OT is for the nation of Israel. Only the moral laws are applicable to us. But it is recorded for our encouragement and to know that God always come through for His people! Again, it is a matter of faith to believe in the inspired word of God.

6) Since the age of the Earth and evolution are as scientifically accepted as gravity and photosynthesis – are you then denying the existence of gravity and photosynthesis?
Your question is a Non sequitur! This question is also your attempt at a leap of faith! This is not scientific at all. Since you don’t believe in creationism, does that automatically make you an atheist? And most scientists do not believe in evolution because it takes such an unsubstantiated leap of faith to believe it! There are no observable facts to support evolution; so real scientists do not “believe” in it any longer! Since the majority of people on the earth do not believe in your age of the earth nor do they believe in evolution, does that not make you the outcast? Are you therefore wrong because the majority disagree with you! This kind of reasoning is not scientific at all and you are not being scientific.

7) Has any creationist ever seen the original copy of the Bible? Then how do you know what it really said?
The evidence for the Bible is more compelling than any other historical fact! There are over 300,000 parts of the OT and entire books that date back to 100 BC. I’m sure you don’t doubt the Homer wrote the Illiad, but there are only 86 copies of it dating to 1000 AD (he wrote it in 100 BC; so how do we really know what is in it?

We have parts of the NT from 125 AD and whole copies of the Bible from around 325 AD. The lack of whole copies of the Bible before that are because of a Nazi-like strategy of the Roman empire to burn them! How typical! But we have 50,000 complete copies of the NT dating from 1000 BC. That evidence blows everything else out of the water. If you believe anything at all, it has thousands of times less evidence than the Bible. And that is a scientific observable fact!

8) If God determines when we live and die, why are humans living longer due to advances in medical scientific research?
I guess we are nowhere near living 900 years now are we? Science has a long way to go to get to that stage now doesn’t it? Still we have people living on average 70 years as the Bible says. Some very fat and out of shape people live well into their 90’s and people with little body fat die in their 50’s. Can you explain that scientifically?

9) Hundreds of years ago people believed that the Earth was the center of the universe, until science proved them completely wrong. Science now tells us how old the Earth is, and the truth about evolution, yet you still want to cling to the same level of ignorance as those from centuries ago?
It was the scientists that believe the earth was the center of the universe. Yet it was the book of Job, written around 1440 BC probably by Moses, and who lived hundreds of years before that during the time of the earliest humans told us that “God hung the earth in nothing.” Wow! Apparently people from the 4th century BC were much more knowledgeable and scientifically accurate than scientists from the dark ages!

10) Can you accurately predict, based on the “science” within the Bible, any event that will occur in the near future? Can you, by science of any kind, predict the future? 
The Bible tells us that no one can know the future. Neither scientist nor Christians can know the near future. Only what God tells us in His word can reveal the future. Not science! It takes faith in God and His word to know this, not science! 

I would have some sort of witty response for these answers, but I think they speak for themselves.  But by all means, feel free to share them with others and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

By Allen Clifton


  1. Gaaaaaahhh!!!!!! My head hurts now.

  2. Good fucking lord, I forgot this page was based in america, I forgot about America's issue with extremist christians :') Good luck to you guys.. 50% of scientists dont believe in evolution, thats hilarious. Do another one of these to make like a cringe compilation or something, good way to bring public attention to the issue aswell I'd say. Goodluck


  4. Ironicly I mutter jesus when i consider his 'followers' are the very idiots replying.

  5. Ironicly I mutter jesus when i consider his 'followers' are the very idiots replying.

  6. Reminds me of episodes of The Big Bang Theory, where Raj is acting totally gay, he doesn't notice but everyone else does. Now replace Raj with Christian and gay with fucking idiot!

  7. In the answer to Q3 it says: "And the evidence of a world-wide flood is staggering!". What is this evidence?

  8. The Stupid is strong with this one. Reading this really did hurt my head.


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