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I’m An Atheist, And I’m Proud To Say It

proud atheist

The transformation that I speak off is that I have now become an Atheist, and am proud to say it.
Many of you reading this may believe that being an Atheist is “Evil” and unjust, however I could no longer associate myself to the Activist movement while trying to pretend to be conservative in heart.
Some of the reasons why I have become an Atheist are: 
  • I simply cannot bring myself to believe that there is a “man” up in the sky, who watches everything we do and say, and then punishes us for the things we do wrong. Sorry, but who made up the myth that there is a man up in the clouds and where was he when the Nazi’s were ripping the gold out of the mouths of the Jews during WW2?
  • I am yet to see any evidence that there is a God and that there are such beings who call themselves Angels.
  • The Catholic Church, to which I used to belong, has caused more harm than good, especially here in Australia where they have raped and stolen the innocence of 10’s of thousands of children over the last 100+ years. There was a recent case where a local parish priest was charged with raping a teenager. The majority of the community were concerned for the priests’ welfare, however, no one cared or spoke about the impact of the alleged actions of the priest that were inflicted on the innocent girl. Only religion can trick people to care for the popular, and ignore the weak.
  • I cringe at how religious organisations try to preach their acceptance of everyone, when in fact the opposite is the truth. People who are religious claim that religion brings us all closer together, but, for those who don’t conform to the accepted norms of religion, then they are ostracised. Here I am speaking about Homosexuals. What a fucking joke it is how we as a society treat homosexuals. It is a proven fact that there is a portion of Humans (just like wild animals) who are attracted to the same sex. To all the religious bigots out there, wake up and smell the roses
  • I despise the way religious organisations force their fundamental beliefs on Children. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for our society to allow for children to be taught religion when they turn 21, or any other arbitrary age of reason? Let children make a choice for themselves because there is no such thing as a Christian or Muslim child, only a child who is conceived form Christian or Muslim parents.
  • I can’t convince myself that a God exists. Over the last 3000+ years, not one single instance or event that could be regarded as religious has ever been proven. We seem to be a society that continues to peddle middle age myths without any thought or reason.
  • The world we live in is not black and white, but rather a minestrone soup of greys. I cannot convince myself anymore that there is a God who has created this world and continues to watch us. He (or it) is either unbelievably incompetent, or doesn’t exist. I support the latter.
In conclusion, I don’t care for what you believe in and am of the view that we all have the right to believe in whatever God we choose to. However, when it comes to converting children and how governments adopt religious policies, I cannot sit back and say nothing.
From here on, I will continue to fight the good fight, and will continue to report on events that affect us all. Our government and world leaders need to note that the world is changing and that we as a global community will no longer stand for the perpetual death and destruction they continue to support.

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Published on Sunday, October 20th, 2013
By Globalist Report

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