10 Reasons the Crucifixion Story Makes No Sense

 Crucifixion story

I’m afraid that the crucifixion story doesn’t strike me as that big a deal.
The Christian will say that death by crucifixion was a horrible, humiliating way to die. That the death of Jesus was a tremendous sacrifice, more noble and selfless than a person sacrificing himself for the benefit of a butterfly. And isn’t it worth praising something that gets us into heaven?
Here are ten reasons why I’m unimpressed.
1. Sure death sucks, but why single out this one? Lots of people die. In fact, lots died from crucifixion. The death of one man doesn’t make all the others insignificant. Was Jesus not a man but actually a god? If so, that has yet to be shown.
It’s not like this death is dramatically worse than death today. Crucifixion may no longer be a worry, but cancer is. Six hours of agony on the cross is pretty bad, but so is six months of agony from cancer.
2. What about that whole hell thing? An eternity of torment for even a single person makes Jesus’s agony insignificant by comparison, and it counts for nothing when you consider the billions that are apparently going to hell.
3. Jesus didn’t even die. The absurdity of the story, of course, is the resurrection. If Jesus died, there’s no miraculous resurrection, and if there’s a resurrection, there’s no sacrifice through death. Miracle or sacrifice—you can’t have it both ways. The gospels don’t say that he died for our sins but that he had a rough couple of days for our sins.
4. Taking on the sin vs. removal of sin aren’t symmetric. We didn’t do anything to get original sin. We just inherited it from Adam. So why do we have to do anything to get the redemption? If God demands a sacrifice, he got it. That’s enough. Why the requirement to believe to access the solution?
5. The reason behind the sacrifice—mankind’s original sin—makes no sense. Why blame Adam for a moral lapse that he couldn’t even understand? Remember that he hadn’t yet eaten the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, so who could blame him when he made a moral mistake?
And how can we inherit original sin from Adam? Why blame us for something we didn’t do? That’s not justice, and the Bible agrees:
Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own sin (Deut. 24:16)
6. Jesus made a sacrifice—big deal. Jesus is perfect, so his doing something noble is like water flowing downhill. It’s unremarkable since he’s only acting out his nature. What else would you expect from a perfect being?
But imagine if I sacrificed myself for someone. In the right circumstance, I’d risk my life for a stranger—or at least I hope I would. That kind of sacrifice is very different. A selfish, imperfect man acting against his nature to make the ultimate unselfish sacrifice is far more remarkable than a perfect being acting according to his nature, and yet people make sacrifices for others all the time. So why single out the actions of Jesus? Aren’t everyday noble actions by ordinary people more remarkable and laudable?
7. What is left for God to forgive? The Jesus story says that we’ve sinned against God (a debt). Let’s look at two resolutions to this debt.
(1) God could forgive the debt of sin. You and I are asked to forgive wrongs done against us, so why can’t God? Some Christians say that to forgive would violate God’s sense of justice, but when one person forgives another’s debt, there’s no violation of justice. For unspecified reasons, God doesn’t like this route.
And that leaves (2) where Jesus pays for our sin. But we need to pick 1 or 2, not both. If Jesus paid the debt, there’s no need for God’s forgiveness. There’s no longer anything for God to forgive, since there’s no outstanding debt.
Here’s an everyday example: when I pay off my mortgage, the bank doesn’t in addition forgive my debt. There’s no longer a debt to forgive! Why imagine that God must forgive us after he’s already gotten his payment?
8. The Jesus story isn’t even remarkable within mythology. Jesus’s sacrifice was small compared to the Greek god Prometheus, who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to humanity. Zeus discovered the crime and punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock so that a vulture could eat his liver. Each night, his liver grew back and the next day the vulture would return, day after agonizing day. The gospel story, where Jesus is crucified once and then pops back into existence several days later, is unimpressive by comparison.
9. The Bible itself rejects God’s savage “justice.” This is the 21st century. Must Iron Age customs persist so that we need a human sacrifice? If God loves us deeply and he wants to forgive us, couldn’t he just … forgive us? That’s how we do it, and that’s the lesson we get from the parable of the Prodigal Son where the father forgives the son even after being wronged by him. If that’s the standard of mercy, why can’t God follow it? Since God is so much greater a being than a human, wouldn’t he be that much more understanding and willing to forgive?
If we were to twist the Prodigal Son parable to match the crucifixion story, the father might demand that the innocent son be flogged to pay for the crime of the prodigal son. Where’s the logic in that?
10. The entire story is incoherent. Let’s try to stumble through the drunken logic behind the Jesus story.
God made mankind imperfect and inherently vulnerable to sin. Living a sinless life is impossible, so hell becomes unavoidable. That is, God creates people knowing for certain that they’re going to deserve eternity in hell when they die. Why create people that he knew would be destined for eternal torment?
But don’t worry—God sacrificed Jesus, one of the persons of God (whatever that means), so mankind could go to heaven instead.
So God sacrificed himself to himself so we could bypass a rule that God made himself and that God deliberately designed us to never be able to meet? I can’t even understand that; I certainly feel no need to praise God for something so nonsensical. It’s like an abused wife thanking her abuser. We can just as logically curse God for consigning us to hell from birth.
Perhaps I can be forgiven for being unimpressed by the crucifixion story.
Jesus died for my sins?
Tell him I said thanks.
(Seen on a bumper sticker)
At least when Elvis died for my sins, 
he stayed dead! 
(Seen on another bumper sticker)

by  Bob Seidensticker 


  1. Thank you for this! I'm so tired of seeing my friends in the abusive relationship that is Christianity. Logic escapes them so I need to read things like this to remind myself to be patient with them because they are brainwashed by someone seeking to control them with this horrendous false leader who acts like a childish tyrant.

    1. I agree with what you say more people need to stand up and agree. I live in Britain and plenty of us that think christians brainwash and i think it is more like a cult than a religion and the preachers are the leaders.Thete is no god or jesus

  2. I have had a disscusion like this today with a preacher because im sick of christians trying to force their religion on me because its easter sunday and the best he could say is quotes from the fiction christians call the bible.

  3. Did you ever read the bible ? I don't care if you believe or not in God, but you just wrote 10 stupid reasons knowing nothing about religion.

    1. I wouldnt take the bible to the toilet to wipe with after a number two

    2. I agree. I could refute all of these reasons, but frankly I have better things to do with my life. Have fun being unnecessarily bitter.

    3. So he gives 10 reasons, using biblical texts as justification. You say hes wrong... because you said so. Makes sense.

    4. I'd like to hear someone attempt to refute the arguments in thses ten reasons. It'd be interesting.

    5. Believing something just because it's written in a book doesn't exactly make one brilliant. What it makes you is gullable...

    6. The difference is, is that you are basing all of this off of what you believe and that absolutely nothing. Saying JesusChrist created us knowing that we be destined to burn in hell . JesusChrist was sent to save us from hell and adam disobeyed God. Your unbelief(the spirit of satan)consumes all atheists and I come against it in the name of JesusChrist...This whole passage is based off what you think and not God's thinking. Placing God(JesusChrist)truly first in our everyday lives concieds all this and unbelief comes from satan.Deception and confusion are two of his many devices....JesusChrist died us all and He even still has hope and love for all unbelievers dispite the unbelief...God's ways and thoughts are not man's ways and thoughts and that's just what this passage represents the thoughts of man.JesusChrist is a supernatural God and cannot be understood with a carnel mind.

    7. to trunell salter: how the hell do you know what "god" thinks? other then that, you make absolutely no sense...

  4. I wouldnt take the bible to wipe with onthe toilet

  5. I have read the Bible, Old and New Testaments. I've also read Christopher Hitchens. All I ask and Christian believer is. read both, then make your mind up!

  6. I don't get it....its an atheist ridiculous things...you say you don't believe in God or Jesus...w.e...but yet you hate him and talk bad about him? But how can you hate someone that you think does not exist? That right there is just nonsense...I also don't understand....If you are atheist it means that you don't believe in any religion or God but why do you only pick on Christianity? You do now there are other religions that aren't also perfect right? I feel sad for you guys.

    1. The truly sad part is that despite rhe loopholes and lapses of loguc of the resurrection stor, you still have believers banking on their whole happinesss and morality on it. What's worse is the overwhelming campaigns to convert the masses and dictate public policy based on these absurdities. What's even sadder than that? Believers like yourself that attempt to downplay one of us when we are expressing an opposing opinion . If that is what your so-called beliefs teach you on how to deal with opposing well thought views that objectively criticoze your beliefs, I pity YOU and hope that you actually re-read this article and actually digest what it is trying to say.

    2. Where do you read that Josh "hates god"??? Read all 10 reasons, there is no mention of hating god.

    3. It seems that default response from butt-hurt religious people is that atheists hate (their) god.
      How can you hate something that you don't believe in?

      As an Atheist,I don't hate / dislike religious people but I do dislike RELIGION. Unfortunately the Christianity is centered around the christian god and therefore it would seem to you that I dislike / hate your god.

      Why pick on Christianity? The answer is very simple. If you live is a country where the majority of people are christian, the you will have clash with a majority of christians. You I lived in the middle east, I would have clashed with a lot of Muslims.

      I don't have a problem with RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. They can pray to and thank their god in the privacy of their own home as much as they want to - I will never ever dream of denying them that right.

      The problem is that according to RELIGION, I'm going to hell simply because I don't accept (their) god.
      Since I don't believe in a god, I don't believe in heaven nor hell and therefore the idea of hell doesn't scare me... but being told that you DESERVE eternal damnation and torture in hell for simply not accepting god as your personal savior is an insult.

      Here are some reasons why I (and probably many atheist) dislike religion:

      (1) Religion teaches you that someone is a bad person based on their sexual preference. Is there any other reason why being a homosexual is so wrong that they bible clearly writes that homosexual people must be put to death? Give provide a valid reason (without referencing the bible or another religious book) why it is so wrong?

      (2) Millions of people die in Africa due to HIV. Condoms are a proven way to combat the spread of HIV / AIDS yet the catholic faith (which is part of Christianity) teaches that using protection (technically contraceptives) is wrong in gods's eyes. Many lives have been lost due those religious teachings.

      (3) Politicians makes laws based on religious beliefs such as the right for a woman to abort a fetus or why scientists may not further stem-cell research.

      Religious people like to point out the good things that their god apparently does/did but the moment someone points out any bad things that happen, then religious people are butt-hurt and claim that atheists "talk bad about god". If someone (or a god or religion) influences people to discriminate against others, then I and others have the right to point it out....

      Many religious people go about things in reserve: They obviously belief in the teaching in their holy book (e.g. homosexual people "commit a detestable act" and must be put to death" forces them defend their holy book.
      Their common sense tells them e.g. homosexuality is not worthy of death but since they must belief the holy book as a whole, many religious people are forced to revert to irrational ways of thinking when defending their holy book.

    4. It's nice to see that you aren't opposed to people having their faith. It is important to let people practice their belief systems as they please. I totally agree that most Atheists do not hate/dislike God.
      What I would like to explain to you (since Christians are failing to do) is the whole Hell thing. Lack of faith in Christ is not what warrants a person Hell. A person deserves Hell because we are all (by God's standards) guilty of sin. We cannot live a sinless life. And that sucks. You probably are a nice person (I base this off of your post which wasn't hateful like I usually see in these debates) but you have sinned as have I. It's like someone drowning in the ocean, but instead of the life preserver thrown by God, they keep trying to stay afloat on their own. Salvation is an escape clause, it is Justification for your sins. When God looks at believers (we believe), he only sees His Son instead of a sinful man.
      I don't know if this is all stuff that you've heard before or not. I'm not trying to assume you are without an accurate image of the Gospel. I just see from nonbelievers how much us Christians are failing at representing our faith. But of course, people suck. Even Bible Thumpers.
      I'll leave you with this: God does love you more than you could ever imagine. He is still hoping for everyone to grab on to his life preserver. It sucks that Christians are not at all living as they should. I wish you all the well.

  7. Fantastic. I love it. Thanks for posting.

  8. Everyone is entitled to believe and worship whomever and whatever they wish. Just as you may not, the most you can do is respect their choice. You don't them shoving their beliefs down your throat; don't shove yours! One day we'll all be dead and find out whatever we believe or disbelieve. Respect other's will of choice.

    1. i'm sorry....Christians don't shove their beliefs down other people's throats? What country do you live in? Because here in the USA, we've got a wave of laws being passed forcing nonchristians to live their lives as Christians see fit. Aid for the poor? Against God's will. Contraception? Against God's will. Marriage equality? Against God's will. Equal pay for women? Against God's will. Bullying kids who are, or are perceived to be, gay? Oh, carry on, fully in accord with God's will.

    2. You've never heard of Christian missionaries? Never heard of the crusades? Let's not talk about 'shoving beliefs down people's throats' until you have at least a tenuous grasp of history.

  9. Okay sorry, but the reason why the Resurrection story makes no sense to you is because you have a completely skewed view of it. Like...you just don't even have the story right at all...This is going to sound really dumb because I'm super bad at explaining things but like if I took pasta and cooked it for 2 minutes, it would turn out like crap. So then, if all my friends, who had cooked it for 7 minutes, were all like 'pasta is so great!', of course I'd only be thinking of my crappy pasta and I'd be like 'screw you guys, pasta sucks!' because all I would ever know is pasta that's been cooked for 2 minutes. Okay, so I know that made no sense but that's all that's running through my mind right now, sorry haha don't even pay attention to that. I pulled it out of my butt and it made no sense, I never learned that in church or anything, don't worry... But yea, you just need to have like a good Catholic person or priest that doesn't annoy you explain the story in a nice non-annoying conversation so that you'll actually listen and stuff. I promise it actually makes sense, just ask these same 10 questions to someone who's really knowledgeable about the Catholic faith. I mean, I see why you're so confused about the story. I would be too if any of what you wrote about was actually how it is...

    1. Wow. The best rebuttal you can come up with is, "ask someone who can explain it"? Isn't that the point, that once it's boiled down it loses all semblance of credibility?

    2. You're assuming that athiests haven't read the entirety of the bible? On what grounds are you basing this on? That people who've read the entire Bible cannot in any way possible be an atheist? This might come as a shock, but the bible itself is the biggest contributor in causing people to leave their religion and become atheists. The logic within is so skewed and backwater, it's laughable to follow the mindset of sheep herders from a mud hut era. Another note. No one converts to atheism. We're all born atheists, we're programmed later on in life to follow an imaginary being. If there were no religions we wouldn't have a need for the word "atheist."

    3. ^^ "Hi, I know I'm not able to make any sense, but just take my word for it. Or, since I just pull things out of my butt, find a trustworthy Catholic to explain it better. In fact, I would be confused, too, if any of what you wrote was true (but I don't know so I will just stick with what I think I know)."

  10. What...that's not even a thing honestly...Like the only things in that list that are actually against God's will is marriage equality and contraception...and marriage equality - Illinois was just like what? The 16th state to grant marriage equality? Granted it's still not the whole US yet but still. Also, they just made it legal for like 12 year olds to get the Plan B pill over the counter without parental consent. Yes, Christians are trying really hard to not allow this because it's kinda bad and we actually have scientific data to back us up on like all of our beliefs but our nation is definitely taking a liberal turn. Just because it's still not easy peasy lemon squeezy for gays to come out to their friends and family doesn't mean that society isn't changing. Christians don't hate gays, neither does God, and you better bet your flipping booty that it's against God's will to bully anyone much less gays, have you even heard Pope Francis? He's not changing any of the Church's doctrine, he's making it more public. Sure, the church hasn't been perfect and a lot of people have gotten mixed up concerning recent issues, but if you listen to Pope Francis, he only talks about what the church really teaches. Those people that stand out on the streets preaching about how gays are all going to hell are pretty much phonies, like 99% of Christians aren't like that, there are wacky extremists in every religion. So thanks for your input, but your point is invalid. Just saying.@Anonymous

    1. You couldn't be more wrong, unless of course, you had kept typing.

  11. @alex

    I read it, and studied it in school. This seems entirely logical to me. If you have a counter argument against any of the points, why don't you make it?

  12. @Anonymous

    I don't hate your imaginary friend. I hate the things people do in your imaginary friend's name.

  13. I'm Catholic, and I went to Catholic School for 7 years before going to a public school. The education is so different in both. Public schools teach you everything except religion. Catholic schools teach you religion and basic things like math spelling and so on (but nothing on dinosaurs, hmmm). When I was younger, I didn't know any better, because I haven't developer logical thinking yet, they did that for me. However, the older I got, the more I actually thought about the Bible and all of the illogical aspects about it. For example: Adam and Eve were the first two created on earth. That being said, they eventually had to start reproducing and thus, having children. Their children had to reproduce, but Adam and Eve were the only other two people to reproduce with. So by the Bible's theory that Adam and Eve populated the earth, we are all related in a giant incest riddle family. Now, evolution has been proven from fossils and studies done through science. How can you dispute billions of years of proof when it's right there in front of you?

    1. Thats faith... And they think God will bless them for being ignorant to all the evidence

  14. http://9gag.com/gag/aG96YN0?fb_action_ids=10201931570827664&fb_action_types=og.likes

  15. @Anonymous
    Point 3. Jesus didn’t even die. Jesus did died and that's the sacrifice, he was resurrected and that's the miracle, and yes we CAN have it both ways. Tell me why we can't?
    Point 5. Where in bible is written that we inherit the original sin from Adam? Because of Adam we have the life on Earth, we know about good and evil, othewise we where maybe in the garden of eden.
    " Why blame Adam for a moral lapse that he couldn’t even understand? " Adam did not understood what forbidden, knowledge, good, evil means ?

    point 6. Aren’t everyday noble actions by ordinary people more remarkable and laudable? NO, why? because no man will do something without expecting something in return, maybe not a fact but at least a thank you.

    off topic.
    I believe, because you were a muslim, you hate christians, the entire article is about hate.
    Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, they were not christians, muslim, or buddhist, they were teachers and teach about love, their religion was love.

    " If you believe in god, and he turns out to exist then you obviously have made a good decision; however, if he does not exist and you still believe in him, you haven’t lost anything; but if you don’t believe in him and he does exist, then you are in serious trouble. " - Blaise Pascal

  16. @alex
    I will argue your point 6- because while I agree that an after-the-fact thank you is appreciated, most people in a life-or-death, heat-of-the-moment, risking-their-life situation are not going to stop just because they don't think they will be thanked afterward. also, in the sacrificing one's own life example, what selfish thing is that person getting in return- they're dead!

  17. This is ridiculous... The writer openly admits they don't understand it, and yet tries to explain it. The outcome therefore, doesn't surprise me. Nice try.

  18. if bullying is against "god's will" why is it ok to tell me im going to hell cuz i dont believe in religion...isnt that kind of hypocritical? oh wait...thats what the entire bible is...

  19. I’m a Humanist, though more agnostic or deistic than atheistic. But I grew up in a religious home and I learned a lot about theology. I’ve written several responses below.

    Sure death sucks, but why single out this one?
    Answer: If I understand this correctly I think the response would be this: History singled this death out. Just like history singles out the deaths of many prominent people. All people die, but we remember the assassination of JFK because he was a prominent figure who died under unjust circumstances. It’s sort of human nature.

    What about that whole hell thing?
    Answer: This is true. But the more progressive view of Hell is one in which it’s the natural result of a detached fellowship with the creator. Hell is eternal because the creator is eternal, therefore the anguish is eternal as well. But I agree, that it does seem to be a tad harsh for 70+ years of sin.

    Jesus didn’t even die.
    Answer: Well sure He did. Just because he is resurrected doesn’t mean He didn’t die. I think the point is that He experienced a sort of eternal death within that timeframe. It was an eternities worth of death and anguish that he carried for everyone. So in some sense (because God is timeless) Jesus’ suffering continues forever. But this is a paradox beyond comprehension.

    Taking on the sin vs. removal of sin aren’t symmetric.
    Answer: God wants lovers. Meaning God wants people to be in love with Him when they choose. God is like a spouse rather than a dictator, life is like an engagement and Heaven is like a marriage.

    The reason behind the sacrifice—mankind’s original sin—makes no sense.
    Answer: A literalists interpretation makes no sense, I agree. I’m of the opinion that the “fall of man” story is an allegory designed to teach us something about our nature. We are all Adam in the sense that we all have a freedom to choose. If you honestly believe you are a perfect human being then obviously this story does not apply to you.

    Jesus made a sacrifice—big deal
    Answer: I think this is a valid point. But it is important to note that Jesus didn’t come to die, He came to teach us how to live. His salvation has a lot more to do with his enduring life example than his death. The point is, live as Jesus lived and you too will rise. That’s the purpose of it.

    What is left for God to forgive?
    Answer: Again, the cross isn’t an incantation or a magic spell. Jesus gave a life example, lessons, values, and morals He was willing to die for; that’s the point. Had things turned out differently and he hadn’t been executed his message would still endure.

    The Bible itself rejects God’s savage “justice.”
    Answer: The reader asks the questions. God can do anything, right? So why all the drama? Why not just forgive us all and call it a day? Why not just say “you’re okay, I’m okay.” Why not be placid and boring and predictable and just do things in the easiest simplest way possible for people. People are dumb, and they need a dumb solution to follow. No challenges. No alarms. No surprises. Case closed. Or why not make it even harder?! Why not tell us to stand on our heads for 6 months to get to Heaven? Why not tell us to only eat chicken. Or forbid doughnuts? Why is the sky blue and not purple? Why isn’t our sun a red dwarf? Why did the dinosaurs have to all die? Why didn’t we evolve to have wings and 6 eyes?

    While the novelist writes the novel.

    The entire story is incoherent
    Answer: It’s not entirely incoherent, just confusing and paradoxical. The truth is, most people would reject the story with or without some of these more complex theological dilemmas. Theology is intellectually demanding, like quantum mechanics. But the faith, and the message of Jesus are very simple; live as He lived.

  20. Religions are symbolic and if they are taken literally they are meaningless; unfortunately both churchmen and atheists are on the literalistic side!!

  21. We should love even when it proves challenging. Thats the message. Is it so intrinsically wrong to love? Yes, people have made mistakes using their religion as an excuse. That doesn't change the message. LOVE! Nothing else matters to God! However there are many dimensions to it and it can get confusing to determine wether you're failing at love to yourself, other people, or God itself. So please stop the hate in this thread. Maybe that'll be a start to stop it worldwide

  22. Religion was created by man to control the masses. It gives answers to unanswerable questions(no matter how ridiculous they may be) and gives people comfort by believing in a hereafter. By giving them a hell to fear and a heaven to long for they control the masses by giving them instructions on how to live to get to heaven. Sorry folks when you die you game over no heaven no hell no 72 virgins

  23. All Gods are just too small for this Universe . If u believe the Eve and Adam story than u would see no stars over 6000 light years, but there are. Point...end IMHO.

  24. The Christian church never said hey slavery is wrong and Jesus might have been a blackman no its all selfishness.
    The beauty of the Universe and all science behind it is a much greater story and above all its real. If u get it u love this planet even moren and realise we all made of the same stuff including the keyboard ur typing on :)

  25. U live on in the thoughts of ur relatives and your body will be recycled for new life in what ever form. What more do u want hell and Paradise are here just enjoy it as it is.

  26. Let's not deny that the world is full of suffering, Christians bhave found a way to stay happy abd hopeful throughout it, we dont hurt anyone, nor do we forcefully make anyone belelieve as some other religions do, so what is your problem, why be so angry and bitter and fight something because you don't agree with it.

  27. I dont mind at all just hope your kids are free too make their own choice without mythical non sense.
    and that mostly doesnt happen. Their not in the position its an unfair brainwashed start.

  28. Isaiah 45:7 god created evil Checkmate.

  29. I dislike this quote of Blaise Pascal because it implies that atheists will be in troubles if god is real, what means not being a believer is too risky !

    Marcus Aurelius said something more logical and clever : “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

  30. I am not an atheist, but do not follow any branch of any religion, although I did used to be a Bible-believing Christian and I respect the right of all religions to have their beliefs--so long as no one is being hurt by it. I have spent many years studying the Judaeo-Christian religious text (as well as others), and as a historian, I treat it the same as any other primary source material.

    I see no "hate" in this article. It is a logical series of questions, and the fact that many of the Christians on this thread have not attempted to answer the questions, but rather used ad hominem attacks on the writer speaks volumes. Even Isaiah 1:18 says, "come now, and let us reason together..." A bible-believer must, therefore, accept that reason is not abhorrent in the eyes of the god they believe in.

    The major difficulty with the Bible (or any other religious book that claims divine inspiration) is that the religion is based in a tautology. "The Bible is true and is God's word because the Bible says it is." Belief must be rooted in faith, then--because reason does not work, despite the scriptural God being okay with it.

    As a side note, a non belief in any kind of anything must also be rooted in faith--just a different one. "There is no god because my reason says so" is also a faith-based assumption that may not (depending on the individual) acknowledge the fact our reason can be flawed.

    I'm happy to say "I don't know" and leave it at that. Meanwhile, I find all of the religious books fascinating, and the history of the good--and bad--religions (and, also, pure secularity) have done in the past, and continue to do, fascinating. I do, however, find lambasting anyone for their beliefs--or lack of it--disturbing, especially given that in *both* creeds "live and let live" is allegedly the order of the day.

  31. The Bible is a work of fiction.Written by man, not some parabolic "hand of god". You might as well live your life, and hope for some after life redemption after reading "The Gunslinger" series. Much better read, too.