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Top 10 Countries Where Religion Does Not Prevail

Where's the atheist paradise?
Faith has been a war causing, conflict raising and debate provoking issue throughout the history. The religion one is subject to has a great role to play in defining oneself. As well as inter-religious debates, intra-religious debates can also be quite problematic from time to time. This situation can be quite exhaustive when one takes into account different sects, different interpretations of the same sect or cultural objects which have in time been attributed religious value, such as the blue bead in Turkey, which is actually a shamanistic charm but thought to be an Islamic item by masses. 
How important is religion in our lives? Most people would answer that question differently. For some, faith is the first and foremost thing to consider in life, while others have no faith at all. Social generalizations, however, could well fail thanks to varying individualities. 
Estimations suggest that the top-5 religions in the world by followers are as follows: 
1. Christianity: 2.1 Billion
2. Islam: 1.5 Billion
3. No religion (including agnostics/deists): 1.1 Billion
4. Hinduism: 900 Million
5. Traditional Chinese Religion: 394 Million (Confucianism, Taoism)
The significance of religion in human life has varying degrees depending on which direction one looks at. Thanks to research companies we may get clearer estimates on the matter. For instance, Gallup, Inc., USA, which is a performance management and consulting company made a research covering 155 countries. The method is quite simple. The participants of the study are asked if religion has an important place in their lives and the ones who say “no” are counted, thus giving the below results.  

10. Finland
A nordic country, Finland is in the 10th place with 69% percent of its population stating that religion is no important for them. Taking the 5,5 million population of the country into account, the percentage makes approximately 4 million people.

9. Japan
In the far country of the far east, Japan, the ratio of the people who do not care so much about religious faith is 71%, which makes almost 90 million people within the countries population, 127 million. 

8. Czech Repulic
In Czech Republic, one of the most travel-worthy countries with its fairy tale-like cities, 72% of the population believe that religion does not have an important place in their lives. In other words, 8 million people out of 11 million don’t consider religion as important.

7. France

Quite diverse ethnically, 74% of the French population pay little or no importance to religion. 74% makes approximately 50 million people and the history of this situation dates back to the French Revolution

6. United Kingdom

The statistics acquired in the study suggest that 76% of the British population (app. 50 million) don’t think religion should direct their lives. As a matter of fact, the situation in the UK is a little bit strange (was, at least) since until 2008, it was legally forbidden to criticize Christianity. However, that law had last been applied in 1921. 

5. Norway

I feel that there would be uprisings in the Scandinanivan countries if they weren’t included in any sort of “top-10″ list. Norway, where 78% of the population has stated that religious plays no significant role in their lives, is in the top-5, as they usually are in lists of economy and freedom. The percentage approximately covers 4 million people.

4. Estonia

Estonia, which is not so assertive in economic development lists, has the 4th last place in the list of the importance of religion in life. In Estonia, 78% of the population don’t think religion is important. When you consider the fact that the population of the country is 1,300,000 only, it is quite interesting to have 1,000,000 people thinking this way.
According to a Christian Estonian friend of mine, this number is the reason why Estonians are unhappy, although I didn’t find this quite objective.

3. China
The rising economy of recent years, China seems to be dominated by those who believe religion is not important for their lives. 82% of the population agrees with this idea and the percentage roughly makes 1 billion 100 million people. 

2. Denmark

Vikings, again… In Denmark, where people also insist on being in every single top-10 list, 83% of the population don’t think religion is important. Approximately 4,5 million people, that is. 

1. Sweden

Yer another Scandinavian country is in the list… Sweden is again quite pretentious, as it usually is. A large proportion of the population, 88%, don’t lead their lives in the light of religion. Around 8,5 million people

These are the top-10 “less religious” countries, according to Gallup statistics. As usual, Scandinavian countries dominate the list, but Japan also claims its place. The reasons behind the results are of course the topic of another research. 
United States of America, on the other hand, is in approximately the 50th place in the list of countries ranked by “irreligiousness” with a percentage of 36%, which makes around 115 million people.
The countries with 1% or less in terms of irreligiousness are Central African Republic, Indonesia, Comoros, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Yemen. 



  1. And we like it like this...
    I respect your faith in your religion and I respect that you do the same for me... even if I don't have a formal religion...

  2. ...Sweden..dont think so.
    Sweden is one of the leading countrys for muslim immigration so i would say sure, if you check christianity we would likely be nr 1 atheist countrys but far from the thruth. Would say we are amongst top ten countries with muslim population.

  3. China ? isn't Confucianism originated from there ?


  4. Since when confucianism is a religion?


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