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Why They Don’t Need Feminism... Hilarious

I sincerely wish all these women would EDUCATE themselves on what feminism actually IS, rather than spew their ignorance


  1. no, third wave feminism actually IS bullshit and has done literally nothing good, it's poisoning our society

  2. Those girls are doing well, the author talking shit can piss right off.

  3. note how all these woman look perfectly fine and look to take good care of themselves. meanwhile the third wave feminists often look unclean, overweight and in general always mad at something

  4. While it is true that there is plenty of 'pretend' feminists that focuses on some kind of SJW crusade against men on campuses and so on, THERE IS a great number of women persecuted becouse of their gender by their nation, culture or religion. To lump together those who actually fight such opression around the world with the SJW babies in the more fortunate(largely thanks to feminist movements of the past)cuntries is on the part of both women in the pictures and the three previous commenters, at best, act of crude laziness mixed with enermous dosage of ignorance(pointed out by the author).
    - M. Pavela [hates to register]


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