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Waleed Al-Husseini 

I am an atheist from Palestine .
As an ex-muslim, I have gotten acquainted with the flaws and weaknesses of Islam throughout years of study and research that led me to Apostasy.

I am not an enemy of Muslims or Islam, but I am not exactly their best friend either. 

My criticism of Islam and its “holy” symbols is not due to a feeling of resentment or a desire to undermine and humiliate its followers, but rather to the sentiment of despair that filled me while I was watching the world fall apart before my eyes because of religion and its nonsense.
What is truly overwhelming is that when one asks a Muslim Cheikh about the cause of the under-development and the unfortunate reality that we are living nowadays in muslim countries, he answers with absolute certainty that it is 
the abandonment of religion

Here is a list of the reasons that led me to apostasy:

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